Food Gel Colours From Bake In India How To Use Gel Food Colour

How many of you have baked a rainbow cake which seemed brilliant and fantastic before going into the oven but ended up looking sad, brown, and faded afterwards? We’re here now to clarify why the sort of food gel Colours you choose matters and how to make bright and colourful cakes and sweets. Continue reading to learn more, and you’ll never create another fading dessert anymore!

Make your goodies as bright as your personality! The popular Saurine gel Colours are back in stock and available to cheer up your baked goods. Go and check the BakeinIndia website for exciting offers. Plus, the chewy, mess-free containers were compact and smudge-free, thus the resolution to your baking cupboard nightmare.

You can use Saurine gel colours to make your unique artwork. To make more deep and richer colours like Saurine gel colour Red or Saurine gel colour yellow, combine them with icing. A small amount of the concentrated gel composition gives you the precise hue you want while also not thinning the icing. They’re necessary for cake crafting since they allow you to make a limitless variety of icing colours to match any concept or colour pattern. They can be used with fondant, buttercream, royal icing, modelling paste, piping gel, bread dough, cookie dough, marzipan, art clay, and other icings.

Food Color Saurine Gels colours were concentrated, so you only require a little to get a bold, vibrant colour. Home bakers worldwide rejoiced at the arrival of gel food Colours, which create a tremendous difference in colourful cakes and icings and reach colour intensity on a different level! Gel food colours, similar liquid food colours, provide power and purity of colour even without the need for excessive liquid. A spoon of liquid colour would yield the very same, if not better, results as a few droplets of gel colour.

When it’s an opportunity to make coloured icings, candies, and other delicious desserts all around the holidays, food colouring rolls out in great strength. While liquid food colouring was once the only alternative for tinting foodstuffs, various options are available, including gels, pastes, and even powdered food colouring.

Characteristics of Saurine Gel Colors

Made of: Synthetic colouring with water, glycerine, and corn syrup basis is what it’s formed of.

Packaging: Small dropper bottles containing a thick gel-like liquid are sold.

Uses: As it’s so concentrated, begin with modest amounts and then use the dropper. Candy, red velvet cake, and icing are the most significant ways to use it.

Saurine Liqua-Gel is a high-quality food colouring or food colouring explicitly designed for baking and cake decorating. Food colouring in the form of Liqua-Gel is an intensely concentrated and brilliant colour gel that mixes quickly and ensures appropriate tones without changing the consistency of the products.

Most used in: Whipped toppings and icings, fondants, pieces of bread, cakes, cookies, and other baked items are all examples of applications.

Chemical-free: These items are gluten-free and Kosher.

Pros: Because liquid gel dye does have a higher concentration of colour than standard liquid food colour schemes, you require less of everything, which would be beneficial in recipes wherever you want to reduce the amount of liquid used (such as in candy or icing recipes). Because there is less of it, there is less of a risk that the colouring may alter the flavour of the dish.

Cons: More difficult to locate. Liquid gel dye can be difficult to mix into dense or stiff dough due to its thick thickness. 


We at BakeinIndia strongly suggest using Saurine gel colours at the very least for icing colouring. You get brilliant colours that are simple to mix and merge, stay FOREVER, and have no taste. Many cake bakers employ this method. You can check the Saurine gel colour price as well on our website. These colours are so affordable.